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Vico Equense

vico equenseDominating the part of the sorrentine peninsula which goes from Scrajo to the Scutolo point, Vico Equense is a village bathed by the sea, surrounded of green and rock hills, where in the past peregrine falcons had a refuge, driven out by the sovereigns angevins, who marked of their passage the history and the architecture of this part of the coast.

The territory of Vico Equense is widest of the Sorrentine Peninsula, because it includes, beyond the city itself, a series of small boroughs on heights rich in citrus and fruits plantations, vines and olive-trees. The farms were even a refuge for the inhabitants of these zones, at the time of the sarrasines incursions which had transformed the sea into a permanent source of dangers and destructions.

liitle beach of vico equenseMany legends are involved in the history of the village. The green extentions of olive-trees remind the worship of Minerve which had made gift of this plant to the Attic, the slopes of Faito Mont evoke the witches who would have chosen them as remains; the caves, refuge of the hermits, testify to the old devotions for the Madonna of the Bull, dispenser of miracles.